Searching for sample C# code for iMX6 CE8 libraries (GPIO and others)

Hello Support!
Please help to find or share any sample code for .NET in C# for the iMX6 board under CE8.
Currently we got Toradex CE Libraries V1.5.2970 for iMX6. However there are no useful samples available for C# at all.
We were able to find some legacy outdated samples for older libraries here:
however this is not for the V1.5.2970 libraries for CE which have all .dll combined in one.

It would be great if you can update your website to reflect recent versions of libraries samples. This is very important for these who want to try your products and searching for some updated examples of the code.

Thank you for your efforts and hope to get from you some link to any available C# samples for recent CE8 libraries for iMX6.

Thank you,

We got it to work after some time.
Here is the simple example of the GPIO with new libraries:

        //Init GPIO
        handle = Gpio_Init(null);

        //Assign pin for GPIO
        pin = new uIo();
        pin.number = 97; //Pin number
        pin.type = 0x0020; //Colibri board
        //Cofigure pin as GPIO
        Gpio_ConfigureAsGpio(handle, pin);

        //Set GPIO pin direction
        Gpio_SetDir(handle, pin, tIoDirection.ioOutput);

         Now we can do:

          //Set GPIO pin level
        Gpio_SetLevel(handle, pin, tIoLevel.ioLow); //Set to Low


         //Set GPIO pin level
        Gpio_SetLevel(handle, pin, tIoLevel.ioHigh); //Set to High

And on exit (Form Close):

        //DeInit GPIO
        Gpio_Deinit(handle); //DeInitialize GPIO library and free some resources

You will have to set all your references to uIo on your own in code.

Hope this helps to someone who needs it.