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I’m sure I read it somewhere in this community, but I can’t find it anymore. How can I know what extrapackages and devpackages are available to add to my C++ project? In particular, I’m trying to add DBus now, so I added libdbus-1-dev:#%platform.debian-arch%# to devpackages and libdbus to extrapackages, but this fails to generate an image. Building the project is okay, but deploying to the target device gives this error:


note that this is from trying to add package libdbus-1. I also tried libdbus1 and libdbus, always with the same result

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As usual; found it: Failing to start application on verdin - #2 by seasoned_geek

Dear @mvandenabeele, how are you?

Could you please share the full log for us in text format? Have you tried libdbus-1-3? I’ve been able to build one container using libdbus-1-3.

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Thanks for the followup. I have found the post that shows how to list available packages and indeed, libdbus-1-3 was the one I needed to use.

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