SDIO on iMX7

When I insert (or boot up inserted) a SDIO Card it’s not recognized at all. Not 1 line in kernel log, nothing. I got two cards here from two different brands.

What i tried:
Added the two drivers as module in kernel. One of them is the well known Broadcom “b43”

Does the i.MX7 + EVK recognize SDIO’s at all ?
SDIO Wlan Cards also need the (proprietary) FW like their USB/PCIe companions, isn’t it ?


What about a standard SD card? Is it recognized and mounted?


We successfully used SDIO based WLAN cards with i.MX 7 using the V2.7 Beta 1 BSP, so this should work. Note that some SDIO cards need external power and/or jumpers to be set correctly. Our default kernel does not come with b43 enabled and without firmwares preinstalled. But even without driver, you should see at least this line:

mmc0: new high speed SDIO card at address 0001

Make sure that the modules match the kernel version. Some firmwares are available via opkg, try opkg update && opkg list | grep linux-firmware.

In case the problem persists can you post the output of the kernel messages dmesg?

@max.tx and stefan.tx
Yeah, storage cards work perfect.

Now, i’ve found an older wlan sdio card and this is the first card that is being detected :slight_smile:
(Detected = “mmc0: new high speed SDIO card at address 0001”)

I attached a logic analyzer on the bus and i can’t see any response (on CMD) from the two non-working cards. These are brand new SDIO Cards/DevKits. So it looks like i have to check/configure these cards first.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your answers. Looks like i had bad luck by trying the non-working cards first.