SDIO 3.0 for Apalis imx6 evaluation board

to operate a ublox 11ac module on your evaluation board with sDIO3.0 performance, I need to pullup the SDIO signals to 1.8V. Do you see any possiblity to achieve this on the board or could you recommend another evaluation board?

Currently, none of the SD interfaces of the Apalis iMX6 support 1.8V signalling. Only 3.3V interface voltage is supported. It will not work if you just pull up the SDIO signals to 1.8V on the carrier board. The only way for using the interface with 1.8V is adding a SDIO voltage level shifter on a custom carrier board. Due to the limited speed of such a level shifter and the fact that towards the SoC you have still a 3.3V interface, it will not be possible to run the card with UHS-I speed. The maximum supported speed will be High Speed 50MHz (25MByte/s max).

Alternatively, the Apalis T30 supports 1.8V on one of the two SD interfaces (MMC1) while the new Apalis TK1 is supporting 1.8V on both SD interfaces. These modules support up to UHS-I SDR104 mode (max 104 MByte/s).