Sdboot fails on vf50 with bsp 2.6.1


in the BSP 2.6.1 the kernel and device tree are moved from the rootfs to UBI volumes.
As a result, the rootfs does not contain both files anymore what leads to a broken sdboot in u-boot.
It’s not a big problem if the user knows what to do (copy the files to /boot), but I think this should be fixed.

Ultimately the problem is using the same image for NAND and SD boot. The file can’t be there and not be there in the same image, and we really want to save that space in the NAND case, especially for VF50.

If you build the image using OpenEmbedded you can let OE deploy the kernel/device trees to the image by removing the following line in conf/machine/colibri-vf.conf

RDEPENDS_kernel-base = ""

You are right, the files should not be installed in the flash.
But can be modified to install kernel and dtb to the rootfs on the SD card if it’s used with the option -f

It is also possible to update the sdboot script in u-boot. The files are on the card anyway.

It it will not be fixed, the documentation should be updated.

Please note that sdboot is deprecated and distro boot the way to go.