SD Card gone after power failure

We have a customer that had a sudden loss of power to their device. Everything seems to function as normal, except it can no longer see the SD Card which is where the application that runs on the device needs to be stored.

When I go into storage manager, it sees the SD Card, but any attempt to mount, dismount, format etc returns an error. I removed the card and formatted it to FAT32 on my laptop and no matter what, the device only sees it as exfat. I tried formatting to NTFS for laughs and it still only sees it as exfat. I tried the same with a brand new micro sd with the exact same result as the original.

Is there any way to get this device to mount the micro sd card so I can write my files back to it and get it back up and running?

Any help would be great.

unable to format

system properties


Hi @NickAndrews ,

First about the detected FileSystem: This is detected based on the partition type, which is 0x07 in you case. type 07 can be either NTFS or exFat… so this triggers the use of exfat.dll.
Even type 0x0b (FAT32) will use the exfat.dll as it also implements the FAT32.

I’m a bit puzzled why suddently (after the power failure) the SD Card cannot be mounted nor formatted anymore… but still is detected (which means some kind of communication works).

I guess the CMD and CLK lines work OK, but there is some issue on the DAT lines of the SD Card. maybe some contacting issue? Or problem with the signal traces due to the power loss? (maybe there was a short circuit that burned out something). Try swapping the Colibri module to see if the issue follows the module or the carrier board.