Scheme for reading and writing functions ic2 ce library

Hallo again dear support Team,

is there any description or scheme how ce librarys i2c_send() or i2c_read() functions works. When I set RegisterAddrSize to 8 bit and set RegisterAddr it seems, that Register-Adress is not send when calling send or read functions. When I set RegisterAddrSize to 0 and send Register-Adress manually it works.

Is there any description?

Thanks a lot.

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Dear @JanP,

Did you try I2c_Demo application from the Toradex ce libraries release and able to reproduce the issue?
If you have modified anything on the demo then share with us also and let us try to reproduce with the modified application.

Please refer Toradex_CE_Libraries.chm for more information about library API reference, it is included with the release package.

Since the preliminary version is very recent one, we are recommending to test with that and let us know the feedback.