Sample SPI client (protocol) driver for APALIS iMX6

  1. We want to implement few custom spi client drivers & corresponding applications.
    We would be targeting ADC family in general .

  2. Currently i am going through the standard Linux documentation/spi to get an idea as to how this can be done.

Would request to please let me know if any standard spi client ( protocol) driver is available which i could use as an initial template / reference ?

Idea is to understand the linux kernel standard template to do this task.
SPIDEV is avoided here as we might have to add DMA and few custom data logic.
Hence i am planning to go ahead with SPI slave ( protocol) driver way.



We are not aware of any skeleton spi protocol drivers.

Probably the SPI eeprom driver is one of the simpler examples in the kernel, i.e. this one.

or one of the simpler SPI ADC drivers like this one.

Before starting from scratch you could also investigate if there have been drivers for your ADC family added to a later mainline kernel which you could backport into the 4.1. kernel.