Running ixora + apalis imx6 with a battery pack


I am planing to run ixora + apalis imx6 with the below battery pack. I will be soldering the X3 power connector and run some field tests.

Are there any caveats that I should watch for? Is there a chance that I can damage my precious :slight_smile: ixora?

thanks a lot

Hi @rifo,
If you connect the battery pack with the right polarity to Ixora you cannot damage Ixora with your battery. However, your battery might be compromised since there is no battery control circuit on the module. I assume your battery has some under-voltage protection and similar stuff, so the device will just turn off if the battery voltage goes low and the battery should be fine.
So from an Ixora point of view there isn’t anything you need to consider.

Hello Roman,

Thanks for the answer. Isn’t there a reverse polarity protection on X3 connector? I guess I should then use the DC jack just in case.

Hi @rifo,

Ixora carrier board includes a reverse polarity protection circuit. If the DC power supply / battery pack is connected in reverse polarity, fuse F1 should blow to protect the circuit.
In such case, fuse needs to be replaced in-order to reuse the board.