Run Linux on Colibri T30

Made a bootable SD card with linux from your website, on my right, no errors I saw.

On the map here

( 455680) > K:\colibri_t30\colibri_t30.img
( 4292880) > K:\colibri_t30\uImage
( 512) > K:\colibri_t30\mbr.bin
( 16777216) > K:\colibri_t30\boot.vfat
( 408944640) > K:\colibri_t30\root.ext3
( 4029) > K:\colibri_t30\flash_blk.img
( 4159) > K:\colibri_t30\flash_eth.img
( 244) > K:\colibri_t30\versions.txt
( 710) > K:\\flash_blk.img
( 444) > K:\\flash_eth.img
( 307) > K:\\flash_mmc.img 

When you try to start from the SD card, after some thought, and lines on the screen, it gives an error “failed to initialize usb rndis ethernet controller”, which does not know how to fight.

If you still will be able to start from SD card where can I read how to flash linux on memory card?

Help to boot linux and load it in the module memory.

This does not look like a bootable SD card to me but rather a regular update media as per the following flashing article on our developer website. Could you please follow that one?

WinCE is installed on the module. Please follow the instruction as per here to transition from WinCE to Linux.

I followed the recommendations for your reference.

- Download and extract Colibri_T30_LinuxImageV2.6_20160826.tar.bz2 package with root permissions. Sample images can be downloaded
- Use any VFAT formatted SD resp. micro SD card with at least 1000 MB of free space
- Run the script with -o argument pointing to the mount point of above mentioned card
- Insert the SD card prepared above in SD / MMC slot (X15)
- Apply reset
- Hit space key to stop auto booting

On the terminal displays

C) Clear Flash Registry
X) Enter CommandPrompt Mode
D) Download image to RAM now
F) Download image to FLASH now
L) Launch existing flash resident image now

Press the D key, I get on the terminal screen

Colibri T30 1GB V1.1C SerialNo: 2517865
RAM: 512 MB, CarveOut: 64 MB
ERROR: Failed to initialize RNDIS USB Ethernet controller.
SpinForever ...

How should look right boot SD card?