RTL816x Mini PCIe Network Card under WinCE

If I have a mini PCIe network card from DeLock with a Realtek RTL8169 chipset and would like to use it under Window CE 2013 A short test on a freshly installed Ixora board with WinCE 2.2 does not detect a (new) network card.

As far as I understand Toradex has to integrate/compile the driver into WinCE because there are many different ARM architecture that WinCE is running and therefore there is not one driver for all WinCE out there.

Could Toradex theoretically integrate the driver for this chipset?

Hi @TriUrs ,

If you have a Driver version built for ARM it should work, the driver is quite generic, but it needs to be built for CE8 (Compact 2013).

If you have the WinCE Driver source it can be easily built.

If you have only the PC Driver source if would be possible to port it to WinCE with some effort.

Did you try to ask Realtek if they can provide any of the above? They used to have quite some good support for WinCE in the past.

Also: does it have to be the RTL8169? There are standard drivers that come with CE8 for the RTL8139