RTC M41T0M6F driver error on Toradex Linux BSP 2.8 b1 (Rocko)

Hi All,

we have the following hardware setup Apalis TK1, Ixora (1.0A) and we built build OE 2.8 b1.
RTC M41T0M6F is detected (device is listed in dmesg and by hwclock) but not properly working because of driver error. The error is:

rtc-ds1307 0-0068: oscillator failed, set time!

Any hint?

Thank you!

The driver works as expected.

The message means that the RTC reports that it had not enough power to keep the clock… Typically due to missing power/RTC battery. You have to write a valid time (e.g. through NTP) which will clear the flag. If the RTC is kept powered, the flag should not appear.

Ok, thank you. Hint worked.

Ok, thank you. Hint worked.