Rpmsg_Write() prototype

I know this seems a question not so important, but I think it could be interesting to share opinions.
Toradex CE Libraries for VF61 offer rpmsg module to communicate between WinCE on A5 core and real-time OS on M4 core.
Rpmsg_Write() is the function to send a message block to the real-time OS.
From the documentation: the second parameter void* data is Raw data that should be sent to the real-time OS.
Since I think that Rpmsg_Write() doesn’t change the sent buffer, shouldn’t be the parameter a const void* data?

Hi @vix
Thank you for pointing this out, you’re absolutely right.
We already froze changes for library package V2.1, but we will do the modification in the next release V2.2.
Regards, Andy

Maybe someone could be interested: the reason why I discovered this is that I created a std::string to hold the transmit buffer and I pass std::string.c_str() as void* data.

The problem arises because c_str() returns a const char*