RPMsg on Torizon

Hello, I wanted to ask if it is possible to use RPMsg with Torizon, because we are looking at the possibility of using an imx7 for a project where we want to run the frontend on the A7 and a control backend on the M4, but we would like to use Torizon for the frontend application with QT.

I didn’t find information about it in the Torizon documentation, is it possible? or do we have to use Yocto?


Greetings @skabo490,

Currently RPMSG isn’t supported on Torizon. Though we are looking into how we can support it, or provide an alternative solution. That said, I don’t have much more information to provide regarding this at this time.

The main issue is that the i.MX7 uses the mainline kernel in TorizonCore. In the mainline kernel RPMSG support is basically non-existent. Our Yocto reference used the NXP-based downstream kernel for i.MX7 so RPMSG support should be better there. Though some things may still be in a strange state.

Best Regards,