Roadmap and Features of Apalis iMX8


i just found out about the NXP i.MX 8 Computermodule - Apalis iMX8.
What is your Roadmap for releasing this CPU Module?

Will it also Support Windows CE?

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Hi Stefan,
We currently in development phase of our Apalis iMX8 based on the NXP i.MX 8 QuadMax processor. Our official start will be together with NXPs product launch in 2018. We are not alllowed to share a more detailed date at the moment, I’m sorry.
We don’t plan to support WinCE on it.


I’m picking up this topic again.
Would you have any update about your roadmap now?
Kind regards

We have an early access program for partners and customers and start shipping early access samples now. You can apply for it through our product page at the bottom:
The early access program is under NDA so we can share more details. What we can say in public at the moment is also all mentioned on our website (link above). Official launch of the product is planned in Q4 2018.

ok, thanks!

The roadmap for the Apalis IMX8 is here: