Resistive Touch Issue


I was using Colibri T20 Module and Resistive Touch 10" TFT and it was working absolutely Fine. Now I tried the same code on Colibri iMX7D WinCE7 V1.2 but it behaves exactly same as mentioned in this article

Ocassionally when tapping a button, the button graphic changes indicating the touch has been seen, but this doesn’t get through to the application so nothing actually happens in the application.

Kindly reply what i am missing.

Could you please try to set at [HKLM\HardWare\DeviceMap\Touch]

"AcquisitionTime" = 0
"MedianFilterSize" = 0
"Averaging" = 0 
"ConversionInterval" = 0 

And then play with different values for “FirstConversionDelay” ?