Reset out is not asserted on SW reboot in VF61

We are working on vf61 module with External PHY.
External PHY connected shows PHY ADDRESS not available after SW reboot while it works well after power up or Hardware reset.

Then it have came into our observation that when there is a hard reboot I get reset RESET_OUT# signal , but when i do software reset/reboot I am not able to get that signal.
Is this an expected behavior?
Will software reboot give RESET_OUT# signal?
Are there any necessary steps to follow to get RESET_OUT# signal in software reboot as well? ,

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Could you please go through the section 4.1 Function Multiplexing and 5.1.3 Reset for RESET_OUT functionality in the colibri-vf61-datasheet.pdf.
Could you please wait for few days, we will get back you with details soon.

Hi Raja,

Thank you for details.
By further debugging i found Reset_out signal is not asserted down in Software reset when R,C & diode is connected but without R,C & diode Reset_out signal asserts down which resolves the issue of PHY not available.

Can we use without R,C & diode ?,because recommended schematic shows R,C & diode with the external PHY.



I’m interesting by this problem, because sometime our system is not able to get an IP address after a software reboot.

I understand from previous answer that the SODIMM/CoM reset_out signal is not impacted by the reboot due to RC and diode, but that the SoC reset out signal is.
Could you confirm that first point?
In that case, is the whole CoM module reset by a software reset or only some components?


Dear @ykrons,

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Dear @ykrons,

Are you using external PHY or module inbuilt PHY? The original ticket is for External PHY.
Could you please let us know the ethernet cable length?

Dear @raja.tx,

We are using an external PHY also (same ref as the internal one).
About cable, it is CAT 6 cable from 1 to 5 meters connected on a switch connected on company network.

Hi ykrons, raja has right, you already asked this question and the issue was solved. So if there is still an issue, can you ask a new question with all the details to reproduce the issue, please?

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