Removing on screen messages at boot up

I am booting a T20 with the default Win CE7.0 image with a VGA display attached to an Iris board.

Since we are developing a system which should boot directly to a console, we need to hide all messages from Windows. We would like to remove the on screen messages shown during booting, e.g. “loading…”.

(Note I am not using a terminal attached to the serial port but the final configuration that will be used by our customers, which is a vga display attached to the VGA port).

This can be configured in the config block.

The config block can be modified either over the config block editor or in the bootloader menu itself. You find some hints on that here.

In order to remove the messages on screen you have to set ss.dbginfo=0. The overview on all possible splashscreen settings is here.

Samuel’s answer worked like a charm. A step by step of the solution that has worked for me, below, in case it can further help others:

  1. I downdloaded the ConfigBlockEditor application from
    You need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find a clickable gray table with the downloads.

  2. To copy the application to the Colibri board, on my development Windows 7 with the USB-attached Colibri T20, I can open the File Explorer and see the Colibri as a device. I then drag&dropped the ConfigBlockEditor application into a new folder on the Colibri and started it on the Colibri using the remote tool CeRHost.

  3. Edit the ss.dbginfo parameter as indicated by samuel.tx (set to 0). Click SetConfig and Save Config.

  4. To test the new setting we booted with the VGA display attached directly to the board. Only the Toradex splash screen is shown prior to windows start. No debug messages.

Thanks samuel

@Henry: Thanks for the nice step by step guide.