Remove ipk package information

I am using oe-core to build a custom firmware for my TK1 based on BSP 2.7.1b. Each generated .ipk package includes some kind of meta information which can be get by opkg info XXX. Is there a way to strip this information?


I wouldn’t know.
Why do you want to remove the meta-data the package manger needs to do its job?

One thing one could do is removing package-management from EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES in conf/local.conf. That way you do not deploy the packagemanager opkg and all the meta-data into the image.


The metadata contains information about the sources together with the username and password to access this data.
“Source: svn://USER:PASSWORD@SERVERIP:777/svn/trunk/;protocol=https;module=reset-server”

Ok, that I wasn’t aware off.

Searching in package_ipk.bbclass lead to this commit. The commit has been backported to morty with this commit which you will get with 2.7.3 and 2.7.4.

If you want to use older meta data you will have to backport the commit into your openembedded-core layer.