Remote SQL client for CE8

I have used for years System.Data.SqlClient.dll in C# for replicating data from Colibri T20-CE6 device to SQL server running in desktop PC. CE device has proprietry database for collecting data.
Now I am porting the application to IMX6-CE8 but there is no SqlClient.dll reference available in VS2013.
Is there any way to connect from CE8 device to remote SQL server and use SQL commands to manipulate data.

If I have understood correctly Sqlite is for local databases only.

It seems that this feature has been removed from .NET Compact Framework 3.9.
If the DLL does not reference any native code you may be able to import it from the old release of the framework (they should be backwards compatible), but if it loads some native code DLLs they will not be loaded on WEC2013.

I already tried it but SqlClinet.dll requires dbnetlib.dll to work and so it is a no go.

Then probably implementing a WEBAPI/REST layer on top of SQL server (if one is not already provided), and remap the features of the System.Data.SqlClient on the device side is the easiest solution, but still requires some effort.