Remote Display Control Speed Issue on i.MX6


I’ve found a strange issue.

I’m developing an application in WEC2013 and I’m doing the debug using the Remote Display Control for Windows CE version 3.00.

When I deploy the application to the i.MX6 module using the Windows Embedded Compact Debugger and I use the graphic interface I see the form navigation is quite fase, I press buttons and I see actions in real time or so.

But if launch the same application directly from the SD card or from the Temp folder I see that it’s really slow the form navigation.

The application is compiled in Release.

I don’t understand if I’m doing an error or if there is something I can do.

Thanks in advance

This sounds really strange. Does the application reacts slowly also when you run it on the device without activating the remote display connection?
What kind of application is it? .NET application or native code?
Usually the debugger may slow down execution, not make it faster.

Hi @valter.tx it’s a .NET application, I don’t know if it works correctly directly connected to the display port. I cannot do the test since the board is inside the housing and I cannot throw away.

And it’s important also because the final application should be cabable to work with a remote display for the application configuration.

Ok, I understand your point.
What is the application doing? Accessing filesystem/network?
What kind of UI does it have? Console or Windows?