Release date for TorizonCore 6.2.0 quarterly release

The TorizonCore Issue Tracker shows that 6.2.0 is the next quarterly release and the (expected?) release date is 2023-04-03
immagine, that has already passed by.

But the release is not available yet in the download links page.
The latest quarterly release available at the moment is 6.1.0-build1

Has the 6.2.0 release delayed?
Can Toradex share an updated roadmap?

Greetings @vix,

While testing for the 6.2.0 release some bugs and issues were found that needed to be fixed before we can release this quarterly. The team is currently resolving these issues and re-testing. I can’t give you an exact day though it should be soon (hopefully within about a week or so).

Best Regards,