Registry file for Toradex Easy Installer

There is a clean registry binary file cleanreg.bin from imx6_wince7image-tezi_1.2-20170719. The content of this file is 0x58 0x58 0x58 0x58. What kind of tool should one use to generate registry binary file if customized registry file is needed?

To create a custom registry file:

  1. Apply all the registry settings to a clean module

  2. Backup the registry using the UpdateTool (let’s call the file MyRegistry.bin).

  3. Modify the Toradex-Easy-Installer configuration file image.json as below.
    Please note, the second copy of the registry must remain clean.

    “filename”: “MyRegistry.bin”,
    “dd_options”: “seek=2”
    “filename”: “cleanreg.bin”,
    “dd_options”: “seek=16386”

Update Tool can backup registry in i6r format instead of bin. Is it okay just rename it from backup.i6r to backup.bin ?