Regarding installation of media player

Hello, in short, I am trying to install a media player into toradex Apalis imx6q board.

Our target media players are “Elisa music player” or "Deepin-music"

  1. For Elisa music player installation, in ubuntu, we could install it easily with flatpak as below.

    sudo apt-get install flatpak
    flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
    flatpak install flathub org.kde.elisa

I found that there is an option to install flatpak with yocto metalayer, but don’t know exactly… what I did is adding those after git clone meta-flatpak

IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " flatpak" in local.conf
${TOPDIR}/…/layersmeta-flatpak \ in bblayer.conf

but it failed to bitbake the image. So, I was wondering is there an example to install flatpak in lxde OS. with yocto.

  1. For Deepin-music

In ubuntu, in this time, they use ‘snap’ instead of ‘apt-get’

sudo snap install deepin-music

Is there a way or previous trying to install snap in toradex lxde OS with opkg command?

Thanks in advance.

Dear @hkhunkim

If you want to add flatpak to your image you would have to add the corresponding meta layer:
We have no experience with that and can’t support it. However, I don’t think that will solve any of your problems. On the iMX6Q you are on an ARM platform, I’m not sure if the snap or flatpak package is really meant for ARM.

Please check this link if you require audio playback:

I didn’t test it but maybe you can also compile vlc for audio playback, there is a recipe in meta-multimedia of meta-openembedded.