Regarding ADC access through IIO

I compiled the kernel with as mentioned (CONFIG_IIO_SYSFS_TRIGGER) configure. Now I am able to see iio_sysfs_trigger under /sys/bus/iio/devices/. But I am not able to see following things under /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/

  1. Buffer.
  2. scan_elements
  3. trigger
    Please help me to resolve this issue.

Note : I compiled the kernel but I did not flash the image using following two commands
run setupdate
run update.
Instead I just replace my zImage in /boot and I am able to see iio_sysfs_trigger. Is this Okay because If I flash I am losing my data under /home directory .

What is the exact image and kernel version you use? Please have a look here. The latest 2.6 Beta2 image should work out of the box.

Kernel Version 2.5 and git branch is toradex_vf_4.1.
Will it work in Version 2.6(toradex_vf_4.4). In git branch I am having Version 2.6 (toradex_vf_4.4) so I can switch over my branch. Is it okay or I should use V2.6 beta1. Kindly please let me know.

You can switch to v2.6 Beta 2 image as it will work out of the box with it. No need for kernel compilation. You can download the 2.6 Beta 2 from here.

Thank you for your quick reply. Switching Image is not a problem for us but thing is we have modified device tree and we have added UIO driver in toradex_vf_4.1. source code. So how can i make those changes into new image and I am having source code of V2.6(toradex_vf_4.4.). If i compile this source code will it work.

Kernel 4.1 will also work with the correct CONFIG options selected. However make sure that you use the 4.1-next branch as that will include the required commit.

Dear Sanchayan,
Thanks a million. After I modified v610_adc.c and Kconfig now it is working. Thanks.