Recovery Mode on Colibri imx6s 256MB IT V1.1A

We are switching the module from old V1.0B to the new V1.1A. The Product Change Notofication (PCN) ( states “Added recovery pin function to SODIMM pin 35. Pulling SODIMM pin 35 low at start up will put the i.MX6 processor into recovery mode”. I checked the newly released datasheet and did not see this added recovery pin function mentioned. I also tried to pull the SODIMM pin 35 low at start-up on colibri evaluation board. It did not go to recovery mode. Am I missing anything ?

The recovery feature announced in the PCN version published on 2017-05-02 won’t be implemented in order to increase compatibility with the previous product version. The PCN has been updated to 2017-5-18 version, you can download it again.