Recover T30 NVFlash Unknown Command

Hi I am trying to recover a T30 board with Iris carrier board. I get into recovery mode and run the update.bat. I select the version of image to go on the board ce8.cfg but the recovery will not continue. I get unknown command:Board
and the process terminates.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Hi @jbehan,

What version of Nvflash are you using?

Does the Nvflash tool start at all after you select the ce8.cfg? Or you only see the “unknown command” error? Maybe the Nvflash.exe is missing?

Can you add the exact console output you get? If you’re using a newver version of NvFlash you should have a “logs” subfolder at the location of NvFlash.exe where you can find the log file produced by your session (check the date code).

What could also help is the serial debug output from the T30 board during the recovery attempt. Is there anything output?

I am using NVFlash version 2.3, all the log file says is unknown command : Board
There is nothing on the serial debug output during the recovery attempt

If I try the boatloader menu on boot I get
Locating kernel image in flash…ERROR: ROMHDR structure failed consistency checks!

Could you please update you NVflash to the latest version (2.6)?