Rebuild kernel in bitbake sdk

Hello. I want to know how to update the kernel without updating the entire image of the system in bitbake sdk? I have a system of version 2.4 and a kernel of “eeea9fbe6bb8db5d0caa485652e423371209cebf” of git commit, but I want to use commit 7753763827bb50f4645622e83c47e192e0ba0194 in my system . What can I do for this without a full rebuild of the system?

Please note that BSP 2.4 is no longer supported and combining it with a Linux kernel from BSP 2.7 is completely untested and may or may not work as desired.

That said you may update just the Linux kernel in an image by updating the git hash in resp. recipe and then bitbaking virtual/kernel e.g. as follows:

MACHINE=apalis-t30 bitbake virtual/kernel

Of course that does not deploy resp. build artifact(s) outside of your deploy resp. out folder.

If you also like to update the BSP package you would need to bitbake resp. image recipe as well. Then you could re-generate your update media and subsequently update your target(s) from that.


you can follow the instructions on this site to checkout and build the kernel without using the bitbake system.

To use the commit x in your system, just update your local branch after cloning to commit x by using git checkout x and then build the kernel.

best regards, Jaski

I saw this article. This is not what I want. I want to update the kernel in bitbake system, not rebuilding the whole system.

Ok thank you. But now I have another question. How to create a recipe for the kernel in own append-layer?

Have a look e.g. here.

BTW: If you do have further questions do please open a new question. Thanks!