Real-time audio data transfer over EIM


I want to transfer real-time voice signal from microphone to an FPGA connected over EIM. Using ALSA utilities I can record that signal in a file. What is the best way to send and receive real-time audio signals to and from fpga?


hi @kss

What is your application? What are you trying to do?

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Hi @jaski.tx

I want to transmit voice signal from microphone(Colibri IMX6) to FPGA that will receive this signal in real-time and transmit to other device. How to send data continuously received on microphone over EIM?


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I would suggest you to record the audio directly to EIM using Gstreamer or Alsa Utilities. Please also have a look here.

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Hi @jaski.tx ,
Can we record audio directly to memory using arecord command?

You should try out the example which is provided in the answer above.

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