Read T20 PCB temperature from WEC

Is it possible to read the temperature using the LM95245 on a Colibri T20 from Windows Embedded Compact? I can find details of doing this from Linux. Would we need to port this code over to WEC ourselves?

Have you seen this article -

Thank you for responding. I had seen that article. The article refers to the temperature of the Tegra T2 SoC. I am after the PCB temperature as read by the addition IC as described here for Linux -

I hadn’t spotted that you had a choice of zone which includes an option for the module. The Linux board support code uses I2C to access the LM95245 but this method implies to me that you are asking the SoC.

Could someone from Toradex confirm where the readings for the module zone id come from?

If you wan to read the T20 PCB temperature then use NvRmTmonZoneId_Module = 1 as shown in the demo code.

If you want to implement communication with a temperature chip on the carrier board, you would have to implement this on your own. I think using our I2C lib and the Linux sample code, this should not be a big deal. If you need any help, please let us know.