Raspberry PI Torizon image with Podman


Are there any plans to release an updated image that comes with Podman? I know there are experimental images for IMX hardware, but for prototyping it would be really helpful.

If not, is there a starting point on how to install it manually on the current image?

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Hey @KidIcarus

no, there is no plan, but there is a community project here: commontorizon/meta-common-torizon: Fork of the TorizonCore OpenEmbedded Distro Layer to create Common TorizonCore (github.com)

You can open an issue there, or try to build and contribute with the Podman Image. You can see that is a different target image: meta-common-torizon/recipes-images/images/torizon-core-common-docker.bb at kirkstone · commontorizon/meta-common-torizon · GitHub

So we should have something like the: meta-common-torizon/recipes-images/images/torizon-core-podman-dev.bb at kirkstone · commontorizon/meta-common-torizon · GitHub but for common.

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