Rarely the date is wrong VF61 and WinCe6


I’m working on VF61 and WinCe6.

I set the date using the panel control.

I noticed that rarely when I reboot the VF61 board the date is wrong (01/01/2006),
then I turn off and turn on the board the date is correctly.

I did some tests and in general this happens about 5% of the times that I turn on the board…

If you don’t have a battery powered RTC your board will get current date/time from a time server at boot. It may happen that, for connectivity issues, it can’t get the date and sets it to the default (1/1/2006).
If you have a network time server in your LAN you can use it for sync, instead of relying on internet connection.

Thank you for your replay…

In my tests (and in my application) the VF61 has never connected to the newtork

If I understood, in my case where I don’t use the network, Have I need to disable the SNTP service?

You can disable the service, but letting it active with no network should not be an issue.
But how do you sync your time? Do you have an external RTC or you keep the internal one powered?

I use an external RTC (like the toradex evaluation board).

It seems that sometimes the RTC value is read wrong at the start,
but the value in RTC is it correct because if I turn off and re-turn on the board VF61 the value is correct.

Is it possible to read a second time the value of RTC, if the first time is read wrong?

Can you check the output on debug serial when the sync fails? Do you have pull-ups on the I2C lines? Do you have other devices connected?
Your application may check if date is 1/1/2006 and relaunch rtcsync.exe again, but it would be better to understand what’s wrong with the i2c connection.

At the moment I could not check the output when the sync fails, but I’ll try to do it.

I have pull-ups on I2C and I attach a image of the schema.

I don’t have any devices connected.

Value of the resistors is the same used on Colibri EVB?
Did you notice if the issue happens after a SW reset or after a power down/up?