Questions regarding changes to and / or kernel in upcoming release BSP 2.8b2 to get zImage instead of uImage in iMX6


I’ve checked the upcoming changes and updates to BSP 2.8b2 and since I update my modules using the legacy method I have some questions.

  1. Will be updated to support the preparation with zImage instead of uImage?
  2. Will I have to patch anything kernel-related to get the zImage?

I already checked the UBoot article regarding this and that will be enough to get it rolling, but I would like to get the environment variable instead of applying the default value if possible so I can prepare beforehand.

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  1. For the modules where we support style update we will support the change to zImage
  2. No. uImage was just a wrapper around a zImage. The changes in the OE layers should make sure that the zImage gets deployed instead of a uImage.

The only caveat will be that we do not clear the environment by default (since it might contain valuable information). So you will have to clear the environment or reset at least the boot_file and emmcboot variable as described here.