Question about newest WCE7 for imx6


I’ve been testing the latest 1.1 version of WCE7 released last friday for imx6. My question is about ENET driver. In version WCE 7 1.1 b4 Toradex have included a beta version of ENET_BETA.dll driver (as stated in following link Windows Embedded Compact - iMX6 BSP Release). Is this driver included in 1.1 still as beta or became the definitive version?


Driver is still included as beta since it works on Colibri but still seem to have issues on Apalis modules.
We preferred to keep 1.1 close to beta 4 to minimize the risk of regressions.
This driver will become the supported one in the 1.2 release cycle.

Ok, thanks!

I was testing yesterday enet_beta.dll because of Colibri IMX6 CE8 losing network every now and then.
8MB file transfer (FileZilla) between CE8 device ram disk and laptop

CE8 → laptop (enet.dll) – 3seconds
laptop (enet.dll) → CE8 – 2seconds

CE8 → laptop (enet_beta.dll) – 40seconds
laptop (enet_beta.dll) → CE8 – 6seconds

In the beta driver there are some debugging messages that can slow it down, but thank you for providing this useful hint.