Qtwebengine performance comparisson colibri/apalis

I’ve made a console image for both the colibri (imx6dl) and apalis(imx6d) including the latest QT (5.8.0) release using eglfs instead of X11. A simple qtwebengineview is serving a very basic page which includes a simple animation. I’ve noticed a small difference in graphical performance between the Colibri and the Apalis. Animations are a little less fluent on the Colibri compared to the Apalis. Actually the Colibri with it’s price tag is just fine for the project I would like to use it for. The Apalis is a little overkill. So does anybody know any tips/tricks on how to improve the performance of the Colibri module just a little?



The NXP i.MX 6 S/DL GPU setup has a lower performance than an i.MX 6 D/Q.
If we run the glmark-es2 benchmark we the S/DL are at about 60% of the D/Q.

I guess there is not much you can do to improve performance. Reducing the complexity of your animation looks to be more promising.


Thanks for your answer. As said before the Colibri format suits the application we would like to build with it. The application is nothing more than LCD+TOUCH+module serving a HTML5 webapplication. Will the Colibri range be extended in the future? So for example the imx6d or maybe even imx6q added to the product portfolio?


Hi Chris

There are no Colibri iMX 6 with a Dual or Quad SoC in the pipeline.
Likely both Colibri T20 and Colibri T30 would provide your GPU performance, but of course those come with a different price tag.