QT6 open source license on Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB (no Torizon)

Hi everyone.

I’m starting with QT6 (open source license) over iMX6ULL board without using the Torizon. However, I can not find information about hot to setup the host environment and embedded environment.

I’ve had already installed the QT Demo image provide by Toradex Easy installer on iMX6ULL and the QT Creator 6.4 on my host machine.

p.s. Can I use the QT with open source license on Toradex Colibri boards? I can not find the Boot2QT plugin. I believe this plugin is available under commercial license.


You should probably read this entire discussion before going down the Qt rabbit hole.

Hi @seasoned_geek.

I’ll check. Thank you!

Hi @CharlesDias ,

Were you able to find your answer?

Please let me know if you need any help.

Best regards,
Daniel Morais

Hi @daniel_m.tx.

I’m yet reading about it. However, if I’m understanding right, there are three ways do use the QT on Toradex boards: Torizon; Boot2QT, install via Easy Installer; and build with OpenEmbedded Layers. Am I right?

As I need the QT to create some open source project, I’m not worried about share the project, the goals is exactly to do this! :slight_smile: But, I have difficult to set up the developer environment. I’ll try to build with OpenEmbedded because the QT Device Creation can not find my iMX6ULL via USB with the Boot2QT installed by Easy installer.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @CharlesDias ,

You are right about the 3 ways of using QT on our boards.

I would recommend to you to use the QT Device Creation as a developer environment, it is supported by all OS. https://www.qt.io/

I found some links about their developer environment, maybe it can be helpful for you:

The last link can help you more about your problem connecting the board via USB.

If you have any questions, send us and we can try to solve it together.

Best regards,
Larissa Souza

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Hi @daniel.tx and @larissa.tx.

After a while, I was able to set up the environment to build a QT application sample. Thanks for your help!

Just to share the steps that I made:

  • Build the reference image tdx-reference-multimedia-image and the SDK with Yocto as described in the link. I used the BSP 6.
  • Install the image on Toradex board and the SDK on host machine.
  • Setting the Device on Qt. In Host name enter with the ip address of Toradex board.

  • Setting the Kit on Qt.

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