Qt5 sample code for GPIO and ADC (Read/Write)

I am unable t find any fruitful Sample code to QT Read Write Example from where I can at-least run a simple blink program using QT GUI under Angstrom Linux,Kindly Provide appropriate solution for the same.

Hi Ashkar

Could you provide the exact version of your hardware and software? What is your application? Giving these precise Information will help us to give you better support in solving problems.

Thanks and best regards, Jaski

@jaski.tx Thanks you for your response,I am using QT 5.9.2 On Host and Colibri T20 Device (COL T20 512MB V 1.2A) Carrier Board -IRIS V1.1 Running on Angstrom Linux With 2.8b that is running Angstrom QT5 X11 Image.

There is really absolutely nothing neither module nor Qt specific about accessing GPIOs and ADCs. Have a look at the following articles for generic ADC and GPIO access examples.