QT5 demo webbrowser crash on colibri platform


I’m running a QT5 webbrowser application on a Colibri imx6DL. This application runs 24/7 and runs fine but after 5-6 weeks it crashes with a Sigbus 7 exception. The application runs fine without any problem on a normal PC and it even seems to run fine on a different brand ARM module. Although I’m not sure yet because it’s running for 3 weeks until now.
Does anyone have an idea how I could solve this problem? Or give me a direction where to start looking?

Can you give some information about your target software (QT version, bsp and kernel version, …) What hardware (display, usb devices) is connected to the module? Can you send the log of crash in a text file?

QT version is 5.8.0. Kernel/BSP is 4.1.41-2.7.3. We’ve made a custom carrier bord for the Colibri imx6DL module. It has a 1280x800 lcd connected to the parallel interface using an lvds converter. A touch screen is connected to a USB port.
The webbrowser is a standard QT example which can be found in their demo/examples documentation.
I’ve made a custom console image based on the console-tdx-image and added the QT5.8 layer to it. So I’m using an egl framebuffer instead of a X11 server.

After the crash it just gives a sigbus 7 exception. It doesn’t give any more information unfortunately.
Any help would be really appreciated.

After the application crash, Linux continues to run fine? Is dmesg showing anything?

Enabling CONFIG_USER_DEBUG might be useful, this should give a kernel stack trace when the segfault happens. Besides enabling the kernel configuration you have to use user_debug=16.

Yes Linux continues to run fine. I can restart the application and everything works again for several weeks. Okay I will try the custom kernel settings.

I have the feeling it runs out of memory. I’ve noticed the MEM% in htop increases over time. But a free -m gives 200Mb available memory. The free memory part is not that big only 14Mb at this moment.