QT4.8+Toradex T20+WIN CE 7= Plain GUI

I been building QT GUI Using VS 2008 as specified by the “Toradex Getting Started Guide” But The Problem is I am Getting Plan graphics Like in Windows 95 and 98,Why is it Happening?

Hi I quite dont understand your question.

But what I think you did ask. Why is there a style applied which looks like Windows 95 and 98. To answer that. Windows CE really does look like Windows 95, its the style Microsoft did create. Qt does support several styles, but I assume they will all not fit your needs. Hence you can make your own style, but thats kind of more advanced.

Thank you


![alt text][1]Hey Andy,Thank you for your Answer,Let me clear things up,I would like to create a good looking GUI.Like this one.
[1]: https://share.toradex.com/p9sdfx15d7trx9j?direct
Provide me examples or project file similar to this would be a great help.

I suppose you are more looking into the direction of QML. Qt 4.8 had already a QML module but is not really hardware accelerated rendering. Hence I suppose you more looking for Qt 5 with QML. If you use widgets thats more meant for Desktop use, hence desktop styling.

Can you please guide me towards the installation procedure of qt5 on toradex T20 Running Win CE 7.