Qt libraries for T20 target

Hi, On a T20 V3.1a EVM I need to develop Qt applications using a given Linux Image (kernel+rootfs),
which I want to “enhance” with Qt libraries support.
I could follow all instructions on Toradex documentation about Qt.
I found that in:
the /usr/libQt5core directory contains many libQt5*.* libraries and links.
For instance a qt application downloaded to the EVM exits requiring "libQt5core.so.5.
So I believe that most of such libraries are the required libraries for Qt support.
Is it correct ?
Is there a clean method to identify and retrieve all and only the Qt libraries ?
Thank you for your attention. Miguelon.


I do not understand this question.

What do you want to do?


At last I found that deploying the whole Root File System provided by Qt images (Colibri_T20_LinuxImage.rootfs.tar.bz2), not only all Qt libraries are found, but Qt Creator starts to behave correctly.
So it is better to patch this new Root File System with my old File Root File System.