PXA320 Bootloader doesn't run

I recovery PXA320 Modules by this manuals:

Most colibri recovering well but on several modules there is following problem:
Booloader is flashed normally, whithout errors, but after power up, when I holding space, com port receives garbage characters:
Any idea what could be going on here?
If this is hardware issue then what chip should be replaced?
Com port options: 9600 8N1 DTR/RTS enable.
Thanks in advance.

With the Colibri Loader over JTAG you have an option “Verify”. Please check this option and try to flash the affected modules again. Does this produce any error output?
We also experienced problems with JTAG due to bad JTAG FFC cables. Can you try with a new JTAG cable? You can order them from any distributor, it’s an 8-pin, 0.5mm pitch FFC. Shorter is better.
Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for fast answer. I use MOLEX 98266-0083 cable. I checked flashing bootloader with “Verify” option and found no errors. Also I checked it on new Molex cable and found no errors too.

The only thing I could think of would be a baud-rate issue. Can you do some test:

  1. Set the baud rate to 115200 and see if that changes the behavior. If not, you can quickly do some tests with other common baud rates just to exclude any wrong setting. The baud rate is stored in the config block which doesn’t get overwritten with JTAG, so it could well be that these modules have a different baud rate set.
  2. Use another PC to test it just to exclude any baud rate tolerance issues with the PC.

If that doesn’t help and your modules are still within the warranty period, you can issue an RMA request on our website: https://www.toradex.com/support/return-material-authorisation

I tested com port link throw USB - RS232 adapter. Module responds at 9580 baud rate. It sends string: “Error: Eboot TOC signature not found: 0x0000FFFF”.

This error is printed when the pre-boot loader cannot find a valid eboot in Flash. This happened in the past when using oder pre-boot loaders (part of the normal bootloader eboot.bin file). Did you use the latest eboot.bin (V4.5?) via JTAG? Please check this again. If yes, please send us the 8-digit serial number of the module so we can check the production log files and warranty status.

Later on this modules eboot.bin v3.9 was flashed, but then v4.5 from site was flashed.
SN: 02379474, 02354872, 02393934, 02416099, 02430379.

These modules were all tested successfully with either BSP V3.7 or 4.0.
The modules are out of warranty since quite some time, however, please send us one of them so we can do some investigations here.
Please enter a new RMA request for one module and refer to this community thread: