PWM on VF61 on ce6 using tdxalllibrariesdll.dll

Anyone used pwm on a vf61 and
all fine until routine

pwm.Pwm_SetPwm(pwmHandle_A, pwmFrequencyA, (dutyCycleA * pwmOffsetFactor) / 100)  

declaration of routine

 <DllImport(HAL)> _
        Public Shared Function Pwm_SetPwm(ByVal hPort As IntPtr, ByVal freq As UInt32, ByVal duty As UInt32) As Boolean
    End Function    

Goes into routine and routine crashes system !

Dear @chrispink,

Could you test our Dot net demo application which is available in the library release package,
…/toradexcelibraries_$version/libdemos/dotNet and let us know the result.

Please share toradexCE library version and WinCE Image release version.

If possible, please your sample code that will help us to quickly reproduce the issue and look into it.