Publish port with Visual Studio Extension


I am currently trying to get started with debugging on the Colibri via the Visual Studio Extension “Torizon Visual Studio Development Tools”.
It works okay, since I have minor problems like crashes and non working buttons.

I have one question, which is critical for my future development:
How can I give Docker the command to publish a port? I exposed the port I need, but this is not enough, since the mapping from the local ports of the Colibri and the ports of the Docker-image is missing. I haven’t seen a option to give Docker the additional command “-p” and specify the values via the Visual Studio extension.

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Greetings @hannemann,

Could you please state what version of Visual Studio and what version of the extension you are running on your setup please.

Greetings @jeremias.tx , it’s Visual Studio 16.4.3 with “Torizon Visual Studio Development Tools” extension 1.0

Hi @hannemann,

I confirmed with the developer of the extension here at Toradex and it seems this particular feature is buggy and not quite reliable in the current public version. We are working on a new version of the extension that should support this feature more readily.

Unfortunately I don’t have any hard timelines or roadmaps to give you. The current plan is to release an update of the tool sometime during Q1 to coincide with a major release of Torizon. Current planned release windows would be end of February up to the end of March.

I apologize for the inconvenience but it seems it would be best to await this new version rather than try to force it in the current version.

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Hi Jeremias,

Is the requested feature already included in the Visual Studio Code plugin as well?

Regards, Gaurav

Hi @gauravks,

I believe I answered this in your other thread.

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yes thanks

You are welcome.