Profiling a WinCE7 QT application on iMX6 Colibri

I have a problem with a QT 4.8.4 application running on WinCE7 on a T20 Module.
I see that in some cases my GUI output seems to be delayed by several 100 ms.

Is there a way to somehow profile the running exe’s on WinCE7 ? This application consists of several separate exe files from which just one is the GUI.

My goal is to find out which process is blocking for several 100 ms in that case.

Dear @TSchnuerer ,

There is a remote Profiler Tool that comes with CE7 development environment. Not sure if this is only installed with Platform Builder or also with the CE7 SDK. In VS2008 under Tools->Remote Tools->Profiler

But the 100ms delay is really a lot so i think there is something really big going on.
Maybe you enabled serial debug output and lots of messages come out there? This could explain it.

Another reason could be the automatic DFS (Dynamic Frequency Switching). By default the CPU will scale back to 200Mhz if there is nothing to do and then takes a few milliseconds to be back at 1Ghz, but i think this would not really explain the 100ms delay.

Check ToradexTaskManager tool to monitor and change this behavior.