Production programming with custom image

we are trying to build our production programming template using the procedure described here but we are facing strange behaviours after the update process (the system doesn’t boot up and show a dump during boot)

We followed theese steps:

  1. Update to wec2013 2.1 standard image using .cfg file
  2. Update with our custom image .nb0 (using latest UpdateTool)
  3. Update splash screen using our .bmz file (using latest UpdateTool)
  4. Update config block gpio configuration (using latest ConfigBlockEditor.exe)
  5. Export and upload procedure as described in the article

Are there any limitations regarding the use of the production programming template with custom images?


Ideally, you can use a custom image with production programming template. Already, few of our customers are using it successfully.

Could you please share your complete production package and let us find, is there anything wrong. You can share through and post the link here.