Procedure to update WEC 2013 from an older revision

I have a WEC 8 (2013) image that we customized in 2019 and I’ve noticed that there have been updates made to this image. Particularly the EnableTrim key for the EMMC flashdisk that was causing us problems.
I’m wondering if there’s a procedure to apply the latest update to an existing OS design or if we have to manually rebuild our image using the latest download?

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To update your WEC 2013 (Windows Embedded Compact 2013) image that has been customized, you will need to integrate the latest updates into your existing OS design. This process typically involves manually merging the updates into your custom OS design and then rebuilding the image. Here’s a general approach to follow:

  1. Download the Latest Updates: First, ensure you have the latest version of the WEC 2013 updates from Toradex. Since direct recommendations to access specific resources are not provided here, you should obtain these from the official source where Toradex releases updates for its Windows Embedded Compact images.

  2. Review the Changes: Before integrating the updates into your custom OS design, review the changes and improvements provided in the latest version. Pay special attention to any changes related to the EnableTrim key for the EMMC flashdisk, as this is specifically mentioned as a concern.

  3. Backup Your Current OS Design: Always create a backup of your current OS design before making any changes. This ensures you have a recovery point in case the update process does not go as planned.

  4. Integrate the Updates: Manually integrate the updates into your custom OS design. This step requires a detailed comparison of the new features and fixes in the latest version against your customized components. You may need to merge changes file by file, especially if the updates affect areas you have customized.

  5. Rebuild Your Image: After integrating the updates, rebuild your OS design to create a new image. This process compiles all the components, including your customizations and the newly integrated updates.

  6. Test the Updated Image: Thoroughly test the updated image in a controlled environment before deploying it to production. Ensure that the EnableTrim functionality works as expected and that there are no regressions in other customized features.

  7. Deploy the Updated Image: Once you are satisfied with the testing, proceed to deploy the updated image to your devices.

Please note, this process requires a good understanding of Windows Embedded Compact development and the specific customizations you have applied to your OS design. If your customization is extensive or if you encounter difficulties integrating the updates, consider consulting with a developer experienced in WEC 2013 development for assistance.

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