Problem with USB Wifi (Ambicom WL250N-USB)

Hi there,

I’m having trouble enabling the wifi with the “commandctl enable wifi” with a custom kernel. I haven’t changed anything regarding Wifi config in the kernel, but I could check that it is loaded as a module. I’ve checked the boot sequence and there is no mention about any USB driver so maybe a depmod is required? (But I have no idea of which one).

The error is:
Error Wifi: Method “SetProperty” with signature “sv” on interface “net.conman.Technology” doesn’t exist.

WIth an lsusb, the USB dongle appears.


Can you see entry similar to :

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 148f:3070 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter

When running lsusb?
What’t the output of lsmod?

Please note that with 2.7b4 release we moved to using backports for wireless drivers, therefore you’ll need to recompile them as well if you’re using custom kernel. backports are here:

Hi Dominik,

thanks for your fast response. Yes, that’s exactly what appears with lsusb. Regarding lsmod, no entry appear at all.

I’m afraid that the concept of git backports is new to me… Could you please develop a little bit more how should I proceed to apply this? (I’m guessing is mostly obtain old sources, recompile and insmod them?)

EDIT: I’ve cloned the backport repo (git clone -b toradex-4.11 but I don’t know which config apply to compile them or what I have to compile/pass to the board.

Easiest way is to use our yocto based build system and build a full image with your kernel changes.

Hmmm, the yocto build out of the box worked! But I was using the image you have in as the quickest way. Aren’t they supposed to be the same recipe?

When you overwrite image kernel with a custom one you need to also provide modules build against that kernel as modules in the image will not work.