Problem with I2C and PWM

Hi dear toradex Team,

is there a Problem by using I2C and PWM at the same time? When I use the Pwm_Init function of your library, the I2c_Read() and I2c_Write() trigger an internal error (“I2C Error: .\src\config_parser.c, 434: Context Corruption”).
What could that be? Library-Version is “toradexcelibraries_2.2-20180516”.

Without init PWM I2C-communication works fine, but I need that for actual project.


I think that there is a Problem in Version 2.2 of libraries. I changed the Version to 2.0 and then everything is fine. Only as a tip.

Dear @JanP

Indeed this is a known issue in V2.2 of the libraries. The context corruption can happen randomly, it is not limited to the functions you listed.

We plan to release V2.3 in the coming weeks, meanwhile you can use the latest preliminary version

Regards, Andy

Dear Andy,

Thank you so much. I already saw this in the road map of ce libraries in the morning. Have a nice day.