Problem adding Cloud.dll to Win CE 2013 project in Visual Studio 2013 using C#

When I try to add the cloud.dll file(I got the file from toradex link as a reference in my project in Visual Studio 2013 using C#. It shows “A reference to higher version or incompatible assembly cannot be added to the project”.

Any help will be appreciated…

In the latest build, the libraries and DLLs are actually there for VS2013 / WEC2013. See this download. There are small issues with the SDK naming. So may be you have to rename the DLL folder of the library package from libs\dll\Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7)Release to libs\dll\Toradex_CE800Release or copy the DLL manually to the location where your application is deployed to.

Actually I want to add cloud.dll in “Reference” in Visual Studio. But am getting an error. Please see the images that i have attached below.


You are trying to add native DLL as reference to you managed project. You can not do this. You will have to use PInvoke to call functions in your dll.