Precompiled qmake

Hello I’m working on setting up Qt Creator for the Apalis iMX6 board. I’ve downloaded a few different pre-compiled SDKs for the Toradex iMX6 boards which has given me the c++ compiler and debugger I need to configure Qt, but none of them have included a qmake file which is also required to build a Qt project for the board. I know I can compile qmake though Yocto but I don’t have a whole lot of computing power nor am I an expert in Yocto so I was hoping there was a qmake for the iMX6 already available in one of the SDKs. Is there somewhere I can find this?


Dear @Khislop,

Unfortunately as of right now the only proper way to get a QT based SDK for our modules is by doing the corresponding yocto build.

Though I have escalated your question to management to see if it is possible for Toradex to provide QT SDKs at least for our basic QT images.

Best Regards,